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Preacher - S04E08: Fear of the Lord

Welcome to the Dweeb the People Podcast, where we’re taking a deep dive into dweeb culture. And today we’re talking about PREACHER, season 4 episodes 8: Fear of the Lord. So strap your lord and savior up with some C4 and send him to the moon and now it’s time to Dweeb the People.

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Episode Description

Jesse suffers the tortures of the damned in Hell as Fiore tries to convince him to take the throne of God. Tulip waits for God to appear so that she can kill Humperdoo in front of Him, and Starr has a meal with the Chunt brothers.

Articles of Faith - The crew’s top three takeaways from the episode

Dee - Beauty competition, Jesse torture scenes, Tulip putting axe in Cassidy

Steven - Meat the Cannibals, Humperdoo, Tulip and Cassidy Hook-up

Randy - God’s a dick, Herr Starr Suicide Attempt, Jesus Ghetto Girations

Divine Judgment - The crew’s rating of the episode on a scale of 0-5

Dee - 4

Steven - 4

Randy - 4


Dee - Real Housewives, Rewatching Breaking Bad,

Steven - Righteous Gemstone, Succession, Not happy about seinfeld going to netflix

Randy - Wrestling


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