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Age of the Dead – S06E12: Not Tomorrow Yet

Join us as we discuss Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12: Not Tomorrow Yet. This was an amazing action-packed episode! Make sure to check out this week’s extensive show notes below. We talk about all of them in the podcast.

Variant Comic Cover

S06E12 - Comic Cover

Show Notes

Here’s Carol’s Mentos video, as promised. It didn’t take too long to create.

Savior’s Compound Google Map

Johnny Depp Head


We pondered whether Glen has actually not killed a human before. Steven thought he did while escaping Woodbury with Mags. Turns out, Mags killed someone while Glen fought with Meryl.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.36.51 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.37.21 PM


Age of the Dead – S06E11: Knots Untie

Join us as we discuss The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 11: Knots Untie. We love this episode and love Abraham (Dee has reservations about Abraham) and Randy drops some knowledge on the group on how much they actually discuss pasta makers.

Variant Comic Cover

S06E11- Comic Cover

Show Notes

This is the list we came up with of non-zombie confrontations the group have faced. Did we miss anything? Send us feedback.

  • meryl
  • vatos
  • cdc
  • bar guys
  • shane
  • inmates
  • governor
  • daryl gang
  • terminus
  • terminus gang
  • Wolves
  • negan gang

Here’s the pasta maker images we discuss.

Steven’s photoshopped pasta maker.Pasta Maker

Randy’s photoshopped pasta maker.


Dolph Lundgren commercial we discuss. 

Age of the Dead – S06E10: The Next World

Join us as we discuss The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 10: The Next World.



Show Notes

Here’s the Benny Hill Jesus chase scene. 

Seinfeld Stand Up

Here’s the transcript from Jerry Seinfeld talking about doctors, the tube and the circle.

They always tell you how the medicine works on TV in the commercials.
That’s my favorite part, with the guy that says:
“Here’s the human body” and there’s always this guy…
No face, mouth open, this is how drug companies see the public.
He’s always got the tube coming down here
and then the circle area.
These are the complex inner workings of the human body, I assume.
I’m sure, when you go to the medical school,
they put that up on the board the first day
“Ok, everyone, now remember, you got your tube coming down from the mouth”
“and that goes into your circle area.”
“That’s pretty much all we know.”
“That’s it for today.”
“Don’t miss tomorrow,”
“we’re gonna practice making people waiting in the little room in their underwear”
“and then you’ll all be doctors.”
“That’s all there is to it.”