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Age of the Dead – S06E15: East

Join us as we discuss Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 15: East! Towards the end of each season, things get a bit silly. This episode is no exception.


  • Dee – 3.5
  • Randy – 3
  • Steven – 3.1

Zombie Kill of the Week

Variant Comic Cover

S06E15 Comic Variant

Screen Shots


Show Notes

Randy remarked how all the Saviors magically stepping out from behind trees reminded him of a similar scene in ‘Harry and the Hendersons.’ Well, here you go.

Age of the Dead – S06E14: Twice as Far

Join us as we discuss Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 14: Twice as Far! We have way too much fun with this episode thanks, in large part, to Eugene and Abraham. This is a fun one. Enjoy!


Variant Comic Cover

S06E14 Comic Art


Screen Shots


Show Notes

Here are the items we have committed to making this week:

  • Post Entertainment weekly pictures
  • List Tennessee isms
    • Tennessee Waterfall –
    • Tennessee Hot tub –
    • Tennessee Rattlesnake –
  • Submit Tennessee isms to Urban dictionary


Has Eugene’s new fighting style and stage 3 power gone to his head?


How effective would a zombie catapult be? All I know is I don’t want this flying towards me.

Zombie Catepult