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Age of the Dead – FTWD – S02E12: Pillar of Salt

Join us as we discuss Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 12: Pillar of Salt.

Variant Comic Cover




Dee – 3.75

Randy – 3.75

Steven – 3


Zombie Kill

Dee – scout dude pulling zombie on bus and giving an autopsy

Randy – ofelia hammerhead kill – WINNER

Steven – strand getting stabbed in the gut



Fear the Walking Dead – S02E11: Pablo and Jessica

Join us as we discuss Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 episode 11: Pablo and Jessica.




Variant Comic Cover



Dee – 3.8

Randy – 4

Steven – 3.7


Zombie Kill

Dee – Maddy meat puppet zombie

Randy – alicia hotel hallway kill – WINNER

Steven – zombie splash zone

Age of the Dead – FTWD – S02E10: Do Not Disturb

Join us as we discuss Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 episode 10: Do Not Disturb.

S02E10 - Post Image 2


Variant Comic Cover

S02E10 - Comic


Dee – 3.2

Randy – 3.5

Steven – 3.75


Zombie Kill

Dee – alicia hallway kills

Randy – heart attack

Steven – chris murdering human/non zombie – WINNER


Show Notes

Harry potter new book

Xbox 360 – Wow! You can watch movies on this thing?!

Dead set 

Aqua Aquarius – You’re welcome. The first song… Oh yes! 

Adam Sandler

Adam sandler – what the hell happened to me

Joining the Cult

The Goat

The Hypnotist


Ode to My Car

The Chanukah Song

– The Excited Southerner

Orders a Meal

Gets Pulled Over

At a Job Interview

Do it for Your Mama

Sex or Weight Lifting

Weird Mouth Zombie screenshot – Also, why is this zombie’s blonde hair in perfect condition?

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.19.49 PM