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Dweeb the People Podcast – Multi-Show Review

Join us for this special episode of the Dweeb the People podcast where we talk about Preacher, Fear the Walking Dead, American Gods, The X-Files, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Leftovers, The Handmaid’s Tale, In the Flesh and more!

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Age of the Dead – TWD – S07E16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Join us as we discuss The Walking Dead season 7 Episode 16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

Variant Comic Cover


Randy – 2

Dee – 4.38

Steven – 4


Zombie Kill of the Week

Dee – Sasha Walker

Steven – Sasha Suicide

Randy – Shiva


Zombie Kill of Seasons Seven

1 – Glenn getting head bashed – 1st Half WINNER – Season Seven WINNER

2 – Morgan staff infection (stab through head)

3 – Veggies who died for Dwight’s sandwich

4 – Michonne head slices

5 – Karate Jesus

6 – Sand zombies

7 – Michonne zombie kills

8 – Spencer

9 – Spike Zombie

10 – Clothesline

11 – Doctor Oven Kill

12 – Car zombie

13 – Morgan Kills (Jumping Bow Staff)

14 – Savior Dude 2

15 – Rapie Davie

16 – Shiva – 2nd Half WINNER



Randy – podcast – something to wrestle, split,

Dee – Grace and Frankie

Steven – Rogue One


Show Notes


Manzel zipper tat

Sasha iron man suit – We can’t find this one. Did Randy make it up? If you find it, email it to

Rick saved by tiger

Rick in Tiger Suit

Blue Man Shiva

Age of the Dead – TWD – S07E15: Something They Need

Join us as we discuss Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15: Something They Need.

Variant Comic Cover



Randy – 2

Dee – 2.8

Steven – 2.7


Zombie Kill of the Week 

Dee – Maggie kills

Steven – Ocean side Kills

Randy – Rapie Davie – WINNER



Randy – S-Town Podcast, Wrestle-mania