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Age of the Dead – FearTWD – S03E11: El Serpiente

Welcome to Age of the Dead, a Walking Dead podcast produced by DweebThePeople.com. Join us as we discuss Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11: La Serpiente.

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AMC Episode Description

Following the rekindling of an old friendship, a mission is launched to replenish the Ranch’s water supply by seeking the help of another community.

Variant Comic Cover

Top 3 Takeaways

Randy – Theory: Madison Dies at the End of the Season, The Serpent Himself, Daniel finding out about Ofelia

Dee – Beeper, What’s up with everyone being a dick?, Strandy the Handyman

Steven – Poop and Pee and Walkers Oh My!, Trucky go Boom Boom, The People be Fangry



Randy – 3.5

Dee – 3

Steven – 3.5


Zombie Kill of the Week –

Dee – Daniel headshot zombie

Steven – Trucky go Boom Boom

Randy – Poop Zombie – WINNER



Randy – The Sinner, Narcos

Dee – Broad City, Will and Grace, Hemlock Grove

Steven – Origins Podcast, Spaceballs Quote-a-thon, The Orville

Age of the Dead – FTWD – S03E9&10

Join us as we talk about Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 9, Minotaur and 10, the Diviner.

Variant Comic Cover

Top 3 Takeaways

Randy – Alt-Right Chubby White Kid, Strand, Dog Story

Dee – WTF angle is Maddy going for?, Nick’s Fever Dream in Hot Box, WTF with the water fight

Steven – Here Take our Ranch and our Guns, Maddy should have killed Troy,



Randy – 3.5

Dee – 2

Steven – 3.5


Zombie Kill of the Week –

Dee – Strand Killing Walkers Chained to Fence

Steven – Operation Chasey Puppy – WINNER

Randy – Murder of Chubby Alt-Right Terrence



Randy – podcast Lore

Dee – IT,

Steven – TBA Spaceballs Quote-a-Thon

Age of the Dead – FTWD – S03E07 & 08

Join us as we discuss Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 7: the Unveiling and 8: the Children of Wrath.

Variant Comic Cover


Randy – 4.25

Dee – 4

Steven – 4


Zombie Kill of the Week

Dee – Harpooning

Steven – Jeramiah – WINNER

Randy – Scream Vomitting


Zombie Kill of the Half Season

Ep1&2 – Randy – Zombie Glory Hole – WINNER

Ep3 – Randy – Squashing of the beef between Nick and Troy – WINNER

Ep4 – Randy – lightning – WINNER

Ep5 – Steven – bird brain – WINNER

Ep6 – Steven/Randy – Double Murder Family/Zombies – WINNER

Ep7&8 – Steven – Jeramiah – WINNER



Randy – A Perfect Circle – Emotive, Castlevania

Dee – Broad City

Steven – People of Earth


Show Notes

Danny Devito Lathered Up

Jerry Jones Glory Hole