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Preacher Podcast – S01E10: Call and Response

Join us as we discuss Preacher, S01E10: Call and Response.


Dee – 4.8

Steven – 4.7

Randy – 5


Favorite Moment

Dee – Mascot and indian suicide

Steven – god scene – WINNER

Randy – “no rain” montage


Variant Comic Cover

s01e10 comic



Show Notes

Randy doodles during the podcast. Here is this week’s.

Dogma – Go watch it. It’s homework

The Big Lebowski – Go watch it. It’s homework

Johnny cash – hurt video

Johnny Cash – Hurt (Video) by gatorcountryboy1

Sad kermit – hurt

Kermit sings NIN’s Hurt by PimpDaddyB

Here’s a link to all of Steven’s Quakecon wallpapers

Preacher Podcast – S01E07: He Gone

Join us as we discuss Preacher, S01E07: He Gone. We discuss the episode, of course, but get off subject with UFC, Quakecon, Pokemon GO, NippleCon, and More!



Dee – 4

Steven – 3.7

Randy – 4

Favorite Moment

Dee – Onslaught of QM&P

Steven – Vanilla Extract Tension

Randy – Cassidy bursting into flames – WINNER

Variant Comic Cover

s01e07 comic



Show Notes

NippleCon.com – You’re welcome


Age of the Dead – S06E16: Last Day On Earth

Love it or hate it, we’re here to discuss Walking Dead season six episode 16, Last Day On Earth.  Along with discussion of the episode we also get a recap of Randy’s visit to WWE Dallas and Steven’s Beta trial of DOOM.  We also have an on-air discussion of a possible new segment where each one of us chooses the most annoying sounding food to eat on air. Enjoy!

Variant Comic Cover

S06E16 - Comic Art


  • Dee – 4.7
  • Randy – 4.5
  • Steven – 1

Zombie Kill of the Week

Screen Shots

Show Notes

Somehow Cake’s Mustache Man video got brought up (although it’s not too much of a shock since Cake is one of Steven’s favorite artists). Here’s the video we mentioned.

This was brought up because Randy is obsessed with Sabrina the Teenage Witch (or something). We don’t know what it is exactly.