Age of the Dead: S06E08b – Mid-Season Wrap Up

Join us as we wrap up the first half of season six of Walking Dead! In this podcast the crew discusses all episode, favorite quotes, best moments, worst moments, and everything in between.

Zombie Kill of the Half Season will also be decided. Here are the finalists:

  • E1 – Wall Crushing Zombies – These are the zombies whose heads exploded when they walked into the barricade the group put up
  • E2 – Machete Kill of Housewife – This isn’t a zombie kill, but when the first wolf ran on screen an butchered the smoking housewife, we couldn’t resist.
  • E3 – Rick to Wolves – Another non-zombie kill, but Rick taking on those two wolves in the RV and then blasting the last three gives him an easy win.
  • E4 – Stool Zombie – This zombie was impaled by a three-legged stool when Morgan slammed him to the ground.
  • E5 – Poop Zombie – Poop zombie is from the sewer Maggie and Aaron went into. It wasn’t an amazing kill, but it was an amazing zombie.
  • E6 – Military Zombie – Otherwise known as RPG Zombie, this guy had a scream fight with Abraham and then wiggled himself right off the pole he was caught on.
  • E7 – Tara “McGyver” Zombies – She may not have needed to hang over the other side of the wall to shoot those zombies attacking Spencer, but she sure looked cool doing it.
  • E8 – Michonne Groin to Head – While holding up in Jesse’s house one zombie made the mistake of entering with Michonne home. She sliced him from groin to head. Ouch!

Comic Variants from this Half Season