The X-Files Podcast: S10E04 – Home Again

Join us as we discuss The X-Files season 10 episode four, titled: Home Again. We take this emotional episode very seriously, but at the same time we still find the funny. Check out the show notes for additional info, and enjoy!

Our Favorite Screencaps

Show Notes

Randy said the art in this episode reminded him on Banksy art. Check it out!

“Downtown” was a huge song in this episode and we discuss how it was used in a couple different shows: Seinfeld and LOST. Check out the videos below.

LOST – Downtown – Link to external website

We talk about the trashman in It’s Always Sunny in Philedelphia. Here are a couple clips from that amazing episode.

Our Recap

Cold Open:

  • We open with phase 1 of Operation: Fiscal Cleansing, which is the homeless being bombarded by dues with a massive super-soaker. It’s then that we get what might as well be labeled, “MURDERER’S MASSIVE TRUCK OF DEATH AND GARBAGE AND MORE DEATH” roll up outside the operation’s organizer. He dials for help, but it’s to no avail as the assailant bursts in and “disarms’ captain 1% before compacting him in the garbage truck of super-death.

Roll Credits

Run 1:

  • CSI: Lame-town are taking pics and we get informed that they called the FBI due to the “spooky” nature of the crime. Jesus, Scully looks good. The dynamic duo is informed that there are no footprints, but Mulder states that it’s impossible to be born without footprints. So, it turns out that just the arms are missing and the head is in the trash can. Scully cunningly deciphers that the vic was torn apart whilst receiving calls from William…Scully Jr, her brother. Turns out that her mum is in the ICU due to a heart attack. Mulder dismisses her, but seriously misses her. He looks as if he really wants to console her, but he doesn’t feel that it’s his place anymore.
  • Mulder views some video surveillance that leads him to believe that Banksy saw the crime while he was putting up some depressing, yet super-meaningful, art on a billboard across the street. It’s “Street art” of Jeffrey Tambour looking longingly at nothing. Mulder steps on a disgusting band-aide and holds it over for evidence?
  • Mulder arrives to see that her mother (Margaret) is on some sort of breathing assistance apparatus, to find out that Margs only wanted “Charlie” in her moment of consciousness, her estranged youngest son. Dana issues some comforting words, but she gets hung up on “William is here”. Obviously, Scully is totes talking about her bruv, but meaning her son.

Run 2:

  • Mulder rolls out demanding that he have access to the building with access to the Bluth patriarch’s likeness billboard, only to discover two terrible community actors running though the lines of the world’s only play regarding homelessness versus the murder of a city figurehead (seriously…they were awful).  Mulder mediates while being told about the threat of homeless people. One homeless peep speaks up stating that “the band-aide knows”. Mulder’s curiosity is peaked.
  • We get the moment that Scully alluded to earlier regarding her brush with a coma. She uncovers Marg’s personal artifacts, one of which is a quarter that’s been turned into a pendant. “Bill” calls and his on his way from Frankfort (presumably Germany). Bill is a bit of an arse, requesting a status update on whether or not mom would be worm food by the time he arrived from the country that has no history between 1933 and 1945.
  • We cut to Mulder in a super sciencey room with an even more super-sciency man in a lab coat telling him that there are neither organic nor inorganic materials present in the band-aide.
  • Back to Scully, we find out that Marg’s was serious about her “advanced directive”.
  • The fake Method Man and the fake Michael Pena unveil the Jeffrey Tambour painting , only to have the image disappear from the canvas and appear in their deaths. Fake Meth finds fake Pena dea, panics, runs, and ends up on the wrong end of a Mortal Kombat fatality. We end the scene with the canvas signed by “Trash Man” in blood.

Run 3:

  • We get White Knight Mulder rolling up to Scully at her mum’s hospital. Mulder explains the myth of the Golem…ahem…Trash Man. Scully doesn’t give two shits because she’s all hung up on her mu, asking for Charlie, changing her living will, and the quarter pendant (which seems to have no significance). Then, when her mother needs some medical assistance, we get a viewer’s perspective. We don’t need the answers to the big questions, just for this series to live long enough to answer the little ones. I what can only be an allusion to LOST, we get a luxury SUV rolling up to an affluent neighborhood and doing affluent stuff, like using a Keurig. A trash truck drops off The Trash Man, who just wrecks shop. He rips Mrs. Keurig user apart, placing part of her in the trash can and part in the garbage truck of death.
  • Back to Sculder, still in Mummy Scully’s hospital room, when Scully reminisces about being able to summon someone back to life. Mulder jokes about inventing the ability while Scully calls him a “Dark Wizard”. Charlie calls, but seems to want nothing to do with mummy Scully. Charlie ends up on speaker phone, mummy Scully wakes up for a brief moment to say that William is her son’s name too, and then proceeds to kick the bucket.

Run 4:

  • Back from commercial, we open on Scully’s mom being taken to Fisher & Sons/slashed up for organ donorship, much to the chagrin of Scully. It’s then that Scully gets super-distraught regarding her now-dead-then-living mum’s words regarding the alien offspring she gave up for adoption. Scully decides that she needs to work in order to take her mind off of things.
  • The spray paint presumably used by The Trash Man is pretty distinctive (use of “vibrational spectography”), so much so that only one shop sells it. This makes it pretty easy to tail the only human buying it. Sculder tracks down that one human to an abandoned warehouse area, which leads them to and even more abandoned set of catacombs beneath the abandoned warehouse. We get Mulder and Scully confronting a super-homeless dude.

Run 5:

  • Super-homeless dude talks about how humans treat each other like trash, which is why he brought The Trash Man to life. Mulder spouts off about some Tibetan myth but we get a direct analogy for the trash-golem and William (Scully’s kiddo). Scully tells super-homeless man that he is responsible for all of this, and they realize that the worst of the community actors from earlier in the episode is the next target.
  • Community theater man gets the heeby-jeebies (or just starts noticing a terrible smell), and chooses to investigate further. Perpetuating the white-people-can’t-control=themselves-during-a-supernatural-crisis stereotype, The Trash Man turns out all of the lights and proceeds to chase down the community theater guy that inexplicably hates the homeless. Mulder and Scully roll up just in time to notice that TM is gone and only a bloody pile of dismembered parts remain. Although no Trash Man is present, a gross band-aide is. Captain Homeless leaves his homeless headquarters, leaving behind a bit of evidence and a giant painting of the murderer.
  • We cut to Sculder on a log by a lake somewhere. Scully states that the only reason that her mum wanted to talk to the distant Charlie is so that she would know that he’s okay, and that this was a direct correlation to William. Scully talks about being there for Mulder’s biggest mysteries, while not being able to ever answer hers. Does William think of her? Has he ever been afraid and wished that she were there? Does William doubt himself because they left him? What questions does he have about her? Scully needs to believe that they didn’t treat William like trash.