AGE OF THE DEAD – S06E09: No Way Out

We’re back! Join Steven, Randy and Dee as they discuss The Walking Dead Season 6 episode 9, entitled: No Way Out. We all agree this might be the best episode of the season. Listen to us drool over it for an hour.

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It’s all about the RPG, baby.



Show Notes

Rick on a Raptor


Cold Open:


  • We pick up from the last half season’s stinger with Darrel, Sasha, and (my new favorite character) Action Flick Abraham being confronted by the Sons of Anarchy. The leader of this chapter, Greasy Will Forte, tells the crew that their property belongs to Neagan and that they seem like the type of folks that Neagan would want to get to know. Greasy Will Forte plays it pretty cas’ whilst taking the crew’s firearms. He comes to not-so-cas’ Abraham and gives him the age old advice of, “If you’re going to eat shit, it’s best not to nibble. Bite, chew, swallow, repeat. Goes quicker,” which is the exact same advice I give my Valentine every year. The crew is going to go on a road trip to meet Neagan, but not until “T” takes Darrel to ensure that there isn’t more to plunder in the rig. He tells him to start inside the back bumper and work their way to the front. We then get a glimpse of Greasy Will Forte’s other side. Apparently, it’s customary to kill one peep in a group that they encounter to set precedence. There’s a bally-who back and forth about whether or not he’s going to kill someone, until he decides that he will indeed. That’s when he gets an RPG to the face. Turns out, Darrel and T were fighting to the death behind the truck, Darrel got the upper-hand, and then managed to grab the launcher, ammo and load it without anyone noticing.
  • An RPG isn’t exactly the most pin-point accurate weapon. I feel that Darrel was playing fast and loose with Sash’s and Abe’s lives.
  • Action Flick Abe’s trash-talking the exploded head of Greasy Will Forte with the line, “Nibble on that.”


The Long Walk


  • Back from commercial break we get treated to a bevy of nasty looking walkers as Rick, Carl, Jessie, Sam, Ron, Gabriel, and Michone make their way through. If you recall, they had masked themselves with walker guts and were trying to get to the armory, but Rick calls an audible when he realizes that the situation is FUBAR and a few guns won’t get the job done. Rick wants to get everyone back to the quarry to grab some vehicles and try out the cattle drive method once again. Jessie rightly suggests that a baby going that far and back might prove troublesome, so Father Gabriel offers to take the little ass-kicker to his church for safe keeping. Jessie offers up Sam for Father Gabe’s walking buddy, but Sam is having none of it. As Gabe saunters off with Judith, Rick gives a longing look that says, “I just killed my baby.”
  • Jessie’s hair looks amazing.
  • Carl takes Ron’s hands.
  • So, Tara is adamant that she, ‘Sita, and Eugene  go after McWolvin. If you recall, there were these crazy peeps that invaded Alexandria and Morgan took one as a pet only to have it get out and take Denise (the nurse) hostage. Rosita quickly rattles off the numerous reasons why going out there would be a terrible idea. First a machete class and now well thought out and practical reasons for not risking the lives of everyone. Rosita is on a roll. Carol comes to and wants Rosita’s gun to do a sweep. Morgan comes to it’s revealed to the unconscious collective that McWolvin took Denise on a little excursion.
  • There’s a lot of back and forth between two sets here. So, I’ll address them individually:
  • First, Denise and McWolvin – The new dynamic duo duck onto a nice patio. McWolvin, AKA The Methy Dave Grohl, is actually doing a good job of playing up the crazy (“I need you”, “I’ve really enjoyed our time together”). He wants to help Denise change like he did, and is just a friggin’ joy to listen to. It ends with him saying that Denise has been given a gift and she might realize it or she might not. He then gives her a look that just disgusts Denise and gives her a case of the heebie-jeebies.
  • Glen and Enid – Glen and Enid run into a church that looks to be in an expansion of Alexandria. I say that because there are some partially constructed cold-rolled walls and this isn’t the church that Gabe shows up to. Because Gabe would surely use an actual church and not some makeshift bunk-ass garage, right? Glen wants to look for missed booty in the church and basically calls Aiden a moron. Glen also realizes that a rural church is bound to have guns/ammo hidden about. Enid focuses on the scripture above the door: James 2:26, Faith without works is dead. Enid then starts to ponder about Glen’s manipulations to get her to go along with him. We get some schlocky bullsh about losing yourself and those who died. Old RV Dale gets a shout out from Glen. Enid hatches a plan to save Maggie that involves almost certain death for Glen. Enid finds the Bible-glock in, what I assume is a box in which tithes are kept.
  • It’s nighttime and we get full-on Thriller video with the setting. Walkers are everywhere as Rick, Sam, Jessie, Carl, Ron, and Michone (in that order) make their way through Red-Rover Style when Carol’s threats come back to haunt young Sam. While her words play in his head, Sam focuses on all of the gnashing teeth before focusing on a child walker. He freaks and we are treated to a truly horrifying moment for a parent that gets the exclamation point of “What the fuck” eyes from Michone as the situation escalates and becomes increasingly dire. Sam gets a walker that bites down on his head which causes Jessie to flip out and draw the only attention more creepy than Steven’s lustful gaze, a walker’s hunger. She starts getting annihilated by walkers, but either through adrenaline, fear, pain, or some sort of combination of them all, refuses to let go of Carl’s hand. Rick’s flashbacks be like, “Damn. I was about to smang that”,but he knows that the closest he’s going to get to a hand-job tonight is by axing Jessie’s Carl-centric clean off. Ron doesn’t take too kindly to Rick’s dismemberment of his chewed up mother and picks up Carl’s (?) gun that fell out when she was getting mauled. Just before pulling the trigger to kill Rick, Ron gets a damn Samurai sword through the chest as Carl gets some eye shot out through his head. Rick picks up a fallen Carl as Michone slices and dices as lead blocker whilst giving more great Situation-Fucked-Moreso-Now-Than-Earlier eyes.
  • The effects used for Carl’s eye were solid. The execution was spot-on. Michone’s split-second decision to kill Ron didn’t seem out of character or odd.
  • The Dream Team are holed up in Morgan’s makeshift prison camp when Rosita tries to remind Eugene that he’s not one for the fights.
  • Methy Grohl and Denise make a run for one of the guard towers when Denise gets grabbed by a walker, which causes McWolvin to save her, which leads to him getting bit. Denise tells him that she will save his life if they get to the infirmary.
  • We cut to Carol, looking out a window at the shit-show that is now Alexandria. We also get what sounds to me like a weird slowed version of the beginning of Nine Inch Nails’ “Every Day is Exactly the Same” as Morgan walks in to discuss what happened with McWolvin. Carol just point-blank tells Morgan that she should have killed him, but Morgs retorts with “you can’t”.
  • McWolvin and Denise run into a house that’s just one alley away from the infirmary. Methy Dave Grohl ponders his turning back while Denise decides that he didn’t actually change. I read that this was some sort of, “you’re a good person that got a hold of the wrong stuff and resorted back to your good ways instinctually.” The duo bursts out into the alley way and are almost to the infirmary when McWolvin gets got by Carol. After a few shots to the chest and telling Denise to move on, Carol might have realized the error that she could not have foreseen.
  • This creates an interesting scenario between her and Morgan. There’s really no way that either of them could definitively say that they’re way is right now. Both schools of thought have played out.
  • Denise makes her way into the infirmary as Aaron and Heath look on in horror at a legit killing machine Michone leads Rick carrying limp Carl towards them. Aaron asks if Carl is dead and Denise correctly responds, “No.” I think that this is because she knows that Michone wouldn’t be party to Rick carrying a potential death trap. It’s then that Denise gets the ragtag group of nurses that Grey’s Anatomy would kill for.
  • Rick hands over Carl and it’s here that we get a cool effect. They run the lights on to get a better look at Carl just as Rick becomes blinded by rage/anger. He runs outside without gut camo and decides to clear the walkers by himself with just an axe. The visual before commercial is fantastic: it’s all from about Rick’s mid-section. He pulls the axe and shuts the door behind him. It was one of those moments that you knew a bad-ass was about to HAM. Just like when Brock Lesnar’s music hits on Raw.
  • Oh my Gawd! It’s Rick Grimes’ music! Rick walks out and goes HAM on walkers with his axe. My favorite being the one that he grabbed by the throat to ward off being bitten. The next few seconds are my favorite of the episode. Denise works on Carl and Michone is anxious to get out there and help Rick. Heath follows suit telling Aiden that they have to help. Once Denise gives the go ahead to Michone, Michone delivers what is my favorite moment of this episode. Just before bolting out the door to go all slicey-dicey on some zombies, Michone quickly kisses Carl on the forehead. This was the most organic character moment to me. It was more impactful with every watch. So, it’s Rick, Michone, Aaron, Heath, and Aiden in a circle just merc-in walkers, which inspires some of the lesser-known townfolk to come out and partake in their blood-soaked Christening. We even get Father Gabe grabbing a machete and heading out to fight. I really enjoyed the one spot of blood on his white collar to kind of represent that this isn’t the same pacifist coward priest that tattled on Rick’s crew. (Franken-Berry sighting). Gabe says that their prayers have been answered because God has given them the courage to fight.
  • Carol tells Dream Team (Morgan, Tara, Rosita, and Eugene) that they need to get out there to help Rick. (Eugene: “This is a story that they’re going to tell”)
  • A load of walkers are attempting to get at Mags and the tasty fetus in her belly when Glen and Enid roll in for the save. Glen…I don’t know what to say here, really. Glen distracts the walkers with gun fire only to get cornered. He’s about to get bombarded when Sash-maham shows up with another awesome action movie one-liner: “Can you get the gate. Appreciate it, pal.”
  • After dumpster-gate, did  you really think that Glen was in trouble?
  • In an effort to provide the best distraction, Darrel dumps the fuel from the rig into a little creek area and unnecessarily uses a freaking RPG to light it. Wouldn’t a lighter have the same effect? Anywho, the walkers comply and slowly congregate on the flames. We get a lot of visuals of our heroes just demolishing the horde on a black background. Truly a visual from the comic book.
  • It’s daylight and the streets are covered with walkers whilst the townfolk are covered with blood. Michone holds on to Judith while Rick hovers over an unconscious Carl. He tells Carl that the Alexandrians actually were useful and that people aren’t all murderous psychopaths. In fact, the need more people. Rick also states that this new world is something that he wants to show Rick, and it’s then that Carl’s hand tightens around d Rick’s.