Join us as we discuss The X-Files season 10 episode five, titled: Babylon. This episode was not nearly as bad as we thought from our original viewing. There is some really good stuff here.

Show Notes

So THAT is what Mulder was hearing at the end of the episode.


Urban Islam – Audio Android

My Give a Damn’s Busted – Jo Dee Messina

Bankegah – Trad

Something Bad – Performed by Carrie Underwood with Miranda Lambert

Achy Breaky Heart – Performed by Billy Ray Cyrus

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk – Performed by Trace Atkins

Secret Heart – Written by Ron Sexsmith, Performed by Ron Sexsmith

Misery Is the River of the World – (uncredited) – Performed by Tom Waits

Ho Hey – (uncredited) – Performed by Lumineers


Name Combinations

Mulder and Scully – Sculder

Miller and Einstein – Millinstein

Scully and Miller – Sciller

Mulder and Einstein – Mulstein



Cold Open

  • Shiraz is praying and eating and driving. He eyes a couple ladies. He shoots them a smile, they look him up and down and disregard him. Local bumpkin, and his 2 cousins (who he’s probably dating) pull up next to him and revs his engine. They begin making racist comments that you’d normally hear at a Trump rally. Then then drive off to attend a Trump rally. Shiraz picks up terror buddy, Kellogg. They drive to an art gallery, enter, and blow it up. The explosion is massive and yet there are people running around on fire?…
    • Question: Are schools doing enough to teach proper “stop, drop and roll” technique. Are we failing these kids?
    • Shiraz shows signs of not being that into the cause. He smiles at the girls, listening to dubstep in the car when he’s alone, then switching it to traditional terrorist music when his friend is with him.
    • Ziggura is a fake name
    • way to further the muslim stereotype – Fox
    • Quotes: (woman chuckling) Woman: Looks like we got a visitor. Woman 2: A little brownie. Man: Are we in the wrong country then? Huh? Woman: All right, all right.



  • We open with Sculder in their office doing what they do best: arguing over something spooky. Mulder is arguing that, in the video they are watching, god might be blowing his horn and Scully is refuting all his claims. Agent Miller knocks at the door, asking if anyone is down there and Scully answers “nobody but the FBI’s most unwanted.” Mulder shoots her a look and she says, “i’ve been waiting 23 years to say that.” Miller and Einstein, or Millinstein, enter the room and have a conversation with Sculder. These two are Sculder’s doppelgangers from 23 years ago.
    • Question: Do Mulder and Scully actually believe in the side they are arguing, or at this point, do they just enjoy the exercise? Answer: They enjoy the exercise.
    • Question: Was Scully as mean to Mulder as Einstein is to Miller? Answer: No.


  • Millinstein are at the airport discussing Sculder, why they work the x-files, why they work with each other when Miller gets a call from Scully. She wants to help Miller communicate with the terrorist. Einstein gets a call from Mulder. He wants to help her communicate with the terrorist. Miller heads to Texas and Einstein heads to Mulder’s office. We cut to a scene of a terrorist making bombs.
    • Great Quote: Newscasters – It’s just a painting. Yeah. Of Mohammed sitting on a toilet defecating radical Islamists!
    • Question: Are Mulder and Scully trying to hook up with each other’s younger, attractive doppelgangers? Answer: Maybe…


  • Mulstein have a back-and-forth where Mulder calls her a mugwump and ends up asking her to administer shrooms to him so he can talk with the terrorist. Scully and Miller are in the terrorist’s room when two men walk in wanting them to leave. They are definitely suspicious and don’t want their picture taken. Einstein shows up and sees Sciller working together, gets a little jelly and calls Mulder into action.
    • The Mugwumps were Republican political activists who bolted from the United States Republican Party by supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in the United States presidential election of 1884. The jocular word mugwump, noted as early as 1832, means “important person” [1] implying that they were “sanctimonious” or “holier-than-thou,”


  • Mulstein meet at an airport and they discuss their plan for the shrooming. Einstein confirms her there’s nothing professional about her jealousy of Sciller. Meanwhile, Sciller are in the hospital room when another man in a suit comes in, spouting all kinds of racist comments, telling them there was a bomb threat and they need to leave. After they leave, the nurse attempts to kill the terrorist. She stops when Mulstein enter the room. The nurse, just back from a Trump rally, then starts spouting off crazy comments. This is when Mulder decides to check out of the conversation by taking the pills. Einstein and the nurse are outside talking when they realize Mulder is gone.
    • Great Quote: Mulstein – “In the meantime, we must conduct this business with a certain delicacy where the consumption of any potentially dangerous and psychotropic hallucinogen must be undertaken outside of a laboratory. You mean hide it like a couple of drug addicts.”
    • Nurse Quote: Just like all those immigrant groups coming over here, taking all our jobs, clogging up the health care system and our schools, and they don’t even speak English.  A church group brought 200 Arab refugees to our town, and now they’re saying that they want to bring some more. It’s all part of a government program paid for by my tax dollars, which means that I come to work every day, and I pay for these people…  So I did some research, and I found out that this is all part of a plot by the United Nations to get these people into the US, so that they can form terrorist cells.

s5 – Mulder Trip

  • 1st Part – Mulder is in a full-on strut down the halls of the hospital, creeping everyone out he passes. The strut continues into traffic and eventually to a country bar. He takes the hat off someone sitting at the bar, heads to the dance floor and begins to dance. The dancing gets wilder and wilder, cumulating in a backflip and the crowd rushing him. Cut to Mulder, Skinner and the Lone Gunmen, cue Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, and cue hot dancing ladies.
    • Trace Atkins is a tool
    • Question: Is this really all we get from the Lone Gunmen? 30 second of screentime?! Answer: I hope not, but probably.
  • 2nd Part – Mulder wakes up shirtless in the original Tron movie with Einstein going S&M on him. She makes him yell “woo woo.”
  • 3rd Part – Mulder wakes up shirtless on a rowboat to the creepiest song: Misery Is the River of the World performed by Tom Waits. There are hooded men rowing and the cigarette smoking man whipping him. He’s saying, “you want the truth Agent Mulder? You came to the right place.” Mulder sees the terrorist and his mom at the opposite end of the boat and walks up to hear what he’s saying.
    • What is with this song?


  • The terrorists are all gathered in their grandma’s basement playing with their bomb shirts.


  • Sciller are in the hospital room again trying to get the terrorist’s brain waves moving. Mulder wakes up in a hospital bed to see Skinner. Mulder insists he was on fire and Skinner says he was an embarrassment. Einstein says it was a placebo, but Mulder later told her she’s just covering her ass. Mulder sees momma terrorist and brings her to see her son. She begins to lecture him while he’s in a coma. The only way he can escape the beratting is to just die. And so he does.
    • Question: Was it a placebo or not?


  • Mulder tells everyone he spoke to the terrorist and tries to recall what he said in Arabic. He finally gets the words out the words are “Babylon Hotel!” The FBI raids the motel and captures the terrorist cell. Millinstein have a moment together at the airport, setting us up for Season 11: X-Files: The New Batch. Cue “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers


Sculder talk at Mulder’s house and they talk about motivation of young men to strap on bombs at the suggestion of their angry god. Mulder hears horn sounds that Scully does not. We get a cool zoom out to “Ho Hey” from Sculder to the entire Earth.