Age of the Dead – Fear the Walking Dead – S02E01: Monster

Join us as we discuss Fear the Walking Dead season two episode one: Monster. In this ‘sode’ we learn Travis is a pied piper for zombies and we learn lots of pirate speak. Enjoy!


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Show Notes

Thanks to for the pirate terms.

Randy Mentioned Rum Ham, so we have to put this:

Pirates of Penzance was brought up. You’re welcome… 

And you can’t bring up Modern Major General without sharing Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 cold open… You’re welcome. 


Cold Open

Operation Cobalt is in full swing. nick, alicia, ofelia, daniel and strand head for the yacht, while madison, travis and Chris stay on the beach. Travis and Madison are fighting for their lives and Nick is moping over his dead mom (man, teenagers are moody in the zombie apocalypse). Nick shows up in the “nick” of time (see what I did there?) and rescues them. A water zombie meets his gruesome end via propeller blade. Apparently, when Strand told everyone to pack your duffle with only what they need to survive, he should have specified “no dead moms, Nick.” Everyone stands on the yacht watching LA burn, as some eerie synth music takes us to the opening credits.

  • Really good use of music
  • Pirate Terms:
    • Duffle – a pirate’s belongings


Run 1

While everyone is hanging out on the Yacht, we learn it should be able to go 3,000 miles (if they don’t stress the engine). They drive by some stranded buccaneers down on their luck and just keep driving. Strand says, “if i stop the boat, it will be to drop folks off, not take them on.” We also learn, the group is going to San Diego Comic Con. Landlubber Alicia has been given the responsibility of trying to communicate with the outside world with no guidance at all such as: don’t tell people where we are, don’t tell people where we’re going, oh, whatever, just go crazy kid! Madison decides to go bitch at Travis for literally no reason at all because at the end of the conversation she says she is on his side. Alicia with the radio, which has precious battery life that we don’t want to waste on anything other than necessary communication, decides to listen to music. It’s then that we she discovers the world’s last radio DJ is the one responsible for spinning those tunes.

  • Would you have left the people?
  • What is in San Diego?
  • Pirate Terms:
    • Buccaneers – Name for a pirate
    • Landlubber – A person who is not incredibly skilled at sea

Run 2

We see Chris sitting over his mother’s corpse, kissing her and stuff. He walks out and fishes with that old salt, Daniel. They share a moment together until Daniel catches an eel and beats the shit out it with a souvenir bat he got from an Oakland Athletics game. Nick runs into Ofelia in the hall and tells her her wound looks terrible and she should pour some vodka on it and get three sheets to the wind. Alicia continues to get to know the Disc Jockey and Travis and Daniel have a conversation as Daniel cleans up the bloody massacre that will be remembered as: Eel Smash Smash.

  • Poor eel. I can only imagine his final thoughts… “Hey! All humans are dead. That means when we see food dangling in the water, it’s not some human trying to yank us out of the water and beat the shit out of us. Ooo. There’s some food now!”
  • Nick is really into his mom
  • Pirate Terms:
    • Three sheets to the wind – Drunk
    • Old salt – A sailor that has a great deal of experience on the seas

Run 3

Madison hears Strand’s voice and must find that ol cockswain! When she finds him, he actually says “ahoy.” He says he was talking to himself and says it’s a characteristic of the gifted. She says “and the crazy.” They decide this is the perfect location to dump the mom body. Alicia is now treating the radio as a teenage girl’s phone. She’s breaking a few rules here. She told the Disc Jockey they have a desalination system and are on a big yacht. Just the kind of stuff someone would be interested in, and MURDER FOR! As she looks at her heart tattoo, she thinks to herself, “I think he could be the one.” Madison and Daniel get gossipy about Strand and they decide to keep an eye on him.  Travis is giving a touching eulogy to Liza and everyone is really feeling the feels. That’s when Chris decides “this shit’s lame,” and dumps her off to Davy Jones’ Locker. Travis follows him back to his cabin where a fist sandwich is waiting for him. Alicia is glad the funeral is over. She races back to the radio to talk to the Disc Jockey. She has now given away their exact location. She now tries to convince the group to go save Disc Jockey. Strand walks in on the conversation is like, “What the fuck?! What scallywag let this bitch have the radio? What did you tell them? Bitch, I’m talking to you, what did you tell them?!” He then tells the group his three rules, and I’ll save some time and recap them for you. It’s basically saying that it’s his boat. Nick and Strand have a heart-to-heart where Nick says, “Please, let me explain the rules of the boat. Rule #1. Don’t call me Nicholas. Rule #2: Don’t call me Nicholas, and if there remains any confusion about rules one and two, let me offer you rule #3: don’t call me Nicholas.” Madison tries to comfort Chris by saying, “If your dad didn’t kill your mom, I would have.” The group sits down to an eel meal when Chris walks by in full-on hoodie. You know by that hoodie he’s gonna try to kill himself. Chris heads straight to the abaft and jumps in. Nick jumps in and saves him. While the boys are swimming, Alicia tells Disc Jockey they can’t come save them. Disc Jockey tells her “OK, Alicia… See you soon.” We then see a floating zombie come up to Nick and try to give him a big ol zombie kiss.

  • Was Strand really talking to himself?
  • Alicia!!!!
  • Why is Nick still wearing, the now blood-splattered, old man jacket?
  • Nick is the only person Strand will have a personal conversation. Does he feel like a father-figure to him?
  • Pirate Terms:
    • Cockswain – the helmsman
    • Ahoy – Hello
    • Davy Jones’ Locker – bottom of the ocean, where the dead go
    • Scallywag – A name used to insult someone
    • Abaft – back area of the boat

Run 4

We see a capsized swiss cheese boat that oddly none of the Yacht occupants saw before. Nick thinks he hears someone, so naturally, he decides to investigate. He gets into an altercation with a zombie in the boat, but the zombie is easily distracted by Travis’ sultry voice. Nick escapes with his life and a wicked Yacht Log. Strand sees some beeping on the screen and decides “Blimey. That’s a bad beep. We should be leaving now. Someone’s joining us. Madison then yells to Travis, Nick and Chris, “all hands hoay.” It could be no one.” And then in Alicia’s face says, “it could be the ones who did that,” pointing at the swiss cheese boat. Strand tells madison the boat is doing 25 knots and the yacht can only 20. They need to get out of there or they’ll be feeding the fish. The group asks Madison what’s going on, and Madison says, “whoever did that,” pointing at the swiss cheese boat, “they’re coming back.”

  • What good is the yacht log?
  • Would a zombie be that easily distracted when he has his hands on some zombie food?
  • Who’s in the boat? Disc Jockey?
  • Pirate Terms:
    • Blimey – Something said when someone is shocked
    • All hands hoay – everyone get on the deck
    • Pirate Terms:
      • Feeding the fish – meaning that you will soon die