AMC Ranks Dweeb the People’s Preacher Podcast as One of the Best

AMC has released a list of the top Preacher podcasts, and Dweeb the People’s podcast made the list! The podcast, with the voice talent of Dweeb Randy, Dweeb Dee and Dweeb Steven, covers each episode scene-by-scene. They have a spoiler section at the end, and they go off on tangents (often). Oh, and they bring the funny…

Of course, they would like to remain humble. That’s really what has gotten them this far.

“This podcast is ingeniously able to intertwine insightful Preacher insights and misogyny-based humor seamlessly,” said Dweeb Randy. “I’m sure they were especially impressed by my ability to paint a Rembrandt with my eloquent words and near flawless delivery.”

And they keep it clean for those kids out there.

“I  think talking about the nut bra last week really put us over the top,” said Dweeb Dee. “People really like nuts.”

post imageThey really are quite modest, and  try to conduct themselves on air with kind, love and respect towards  listeners as well as themselves.

“I think we could have ranked higher without Dee,” said Dweeb Steven. “Why does she keep yawning into the microphone? I mean, seriously! She leans into the microphone when she yawns! Turn your freaking head away from the audio capture device!”

You can listen to a new Preacher podcast after every episode of Preacher.

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