Age of the Dead – FTWD – S02E09: Los Muertos

Join us as we discuss Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 episode 9: Los Muertos.

S02E09 - Post Image 2

Variant Comic Cover

S02E09 - Comic

S02E09 - Comic2


Dee – 2.5

Randy – 3.5

Steven – 3.51


Zombie Kill – suicide zombies, suicide by zombie, suicide and eventual zombie

Dee – Suicide Zombies – WINNER

Randy – Suicide papa

Steven – Suicide and eventual zombie


Show Notes

Arrested development – bluth family party – VIew

Adam sandler – what the hell happened to me

Joining the Cult

The Goat

The Hypnotist


Ode to My Car

The Chanukah Song

– The Excited Southerner

Orders a Meal

Gets Pulled Over

At a Job Interview

Do it for Your Mama

Sex or Weight Lifting

The revivalists – men amongst mountains

Harambe Shrine


Jon Benjamin – Well I Should Have


The Album


Tales from the crypt – teri hatcher