Age of the Dead – TWD – S07E01: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

The Walking Dead is back and so is the Vampire Bat! What? You didn’t like my joke? Join us as we discuss the season premiere of season 7: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.

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Dee – Neck goo zombie

Randy – Abraham

Steven – Glenn – WINNER


Dee – 4.7

Randy – 5

Steven – 4.5

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Randy – Black Mirror 

Dahlia – Jessica Jones

Steven – Westworld

Show Notes

Abraham screenshot with head in tact (sort of)


Screenshot of Abe giving peace sign to Sasha


Is Sasha pregnant in this imaginary flash forward?


Mount everest gay – Cynthia Izagerre

Steven’s Recap Notes

Cold Open

Negan – “what? Was the joke that bad?” Rick – “I’m gonna kill you. Not today. Not tomorrow. But i’m gonna kill you.”  Negan asks Simon if he has a knife. Simon says he has a hatchet. Negan says ‘you need a right-hand man.’ he asks if rick has one or if he just knocked him off. He drags rick into the RV and the camera pans down to show the remains of Glen.

Opening Credits

Run 1

After dragging Rick into the RV, he slams the axe into the table. He begins to taunt Rick, telling him to take the axe. Rick goes for it but he is thwarted. Negan tells Rick to think about what happened and what can still happen. HKe gets the RV started and starts driving. Rick is thinking about everyone back there (rosita then glen). Negan throws the axe on the roof of the RV and tells Rick to go get it. Rick continues to flashback (Sasha then Eugene, then Aaron, then Abraham, then Maggie, then Daryl). Once on the roof of the Rv, rick realizes Negan has driven him to where the logs were set ablaze. Flashback of Michonne. He sees the hangy dude and decides to lay down. Flashback of Carl.

Run 2

Negan is doing Eenie Meenie. He chooses Abraham. He issues a blow and Abe issues his last funny line: “suck my nuts.” He continues to bash him. Negan starts taunting rosita when Daryl decides to punch him in the face. Negan’s not happy about that. Scarface asks to kill Daryl with his own crossbow.  Negan says, “no.” He says he will shut that shit down. He then bashes Glen. He manages to say, “Maggie, I will find you.” Negan then continues to turn Glen to mashed potatoes. Negan says Lucille is thirsty; she’s a vampire bat. “Was the joke that bad?”

Run 3

Negan is getting tired of Rick napping on the roof of the RV so he gives him some motivations. Rick jumps for the hanging zombie. All hope is lost until negan shoots some zombies, giving rick some time. Rick starts imagining all the other alexandrians getting bashed by the bat. Negan saves him again and rick gets back on the RV. They head back to where they left.  Negan finds some rubbing alcohol and says, “oh goodie.” he cleans the axe and gives it back to Rick.

Run 4

Negan drags Rick back to the group. Negan asks if Rick knew what that trip was about.” he said it was because of the way he was looking at him. He still saw defiance in rick’s face. Negan says, “this will determine if this is your last crap day or just another crap day.” He orders his men to put their guns to everyone’s heads. He then orders Carl to come forth and lay on the ground after tying a belt around Carl’s left arm. He asks Simon for a pen. Of course he has one. He draws a line on Carl’s arm. Negan orders rick to cut off Carl’s arm on the line he just drew or everyone else dies. Michonne pleads with Negan, saying “you don’t have to do this. We understand.” Negan says, “you understand, but i’m not sure that rick does.” Rick pleads by teasing the comic book readers saying “it could be me.” Negan stops him at the last second. He says, “you answer to me. You provide for me. You belong to me.” They load up Daryl and Negan says if they step out of line, he’ll cut pieces off of Daryl. He leaves them a truck and says they’ll be back for their first offering in one week.

Run 5

Negan’s group is leaving while everyone is Rick’s group is coming to grips with what just happened. Maggie wants to fight them, but Rick says they would get slaughtered. Sasha says she’ll take Maggie to the Hilltop.  They take the bodies off as Rick imagines a scene of what could have been: the group sitting around a dinner table; Glen with his child and Sasha pregnant. He picks up the axe, gets in the RV and drives off.

  • Did anyone notice that a dude was taking a picture of Glen!