Age of the Dead – TWD – S07E04: Service

Join us as we discuss the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4: Service.

Variant Comic



Zombie Kill of the Week

Dee – Rosita head into branch

Steven – Negan Candlestick

Randy – Michonne Head Slice – WINNER



Randy – Survivor Series WWE

Dee – Joe Biden Memes

Steven – Nothing dammit!



Dee – 4.5

Randy – 5

Steven – 4.6


Show Notes

Charlie in the box

Christian Bands That Don’t Suck (This is no way an endorsement of religion)

Relient K – Charles in Charge

Reliant K – Full Album

Newsboys – Take me to  your Leader

Philmore – Our Finest Hour

Philmore – Living on a Prayer 

Between Thieves

Jars of Clay

DC Talk