Age of the Dead – TWD – S07E07

Join us as we discuss the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 7: Sing Me a Song.

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Zombie Kill of the Week

Dee – zombie lookout guy

Steven – carl kill of negan men

Randy – michonne zombie kills – WINNER


Randy – Childish Gambino, Hamilton mixtape

Dee – Westworld

Steven – DC Legends of Tomorrow Season 1


Randy – 3.5

Dee – 4

Steven – 4

Show Notes

Randy’s Shot Doodle


Dee’s Show Doodle


Omar Whistling

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Home Tour 

Steven’s Recap

Cold Open

Michonne approaches the burning mattress pile hoping hers made it… nope. She’s roaming whistling Farmer in the Dell to attract zombies. We won’t know why until later. Rick and Aaron wake up in the back of a moving van. Aaron remarks “Didn’ see that last night.” Rick asks what, and they cut away. Negans’ men sit in their truck waiting for a bunch of zombies to pass by. When they start moving again, Jesus and Carl are revealed. Jesus starts leaving a trail of syrup after he sees a religious statue. He says they should bail out when carl asks him to demonstrate. Jesus jumps and Carl stays. They arrive at the sanctuary and Carl kills a two saviors before being captured. Negan says to Carl, “you scare the shit out of me” and offers to show him around. Negan is big fan of tours.

Run 1

Negan begins his tour with Carl and remarks, “I’m not going to be able to bang any of my wives today.” He looks at Dwight and says, “Well… maybe one…” They walk into a factory and everyone kneels to Negan. He says that everyone gets fresh veggies tonight, no points needed. Everyone applauds. Negan thinks they all respect him. Rosita and Eugene head out and Spencer and priest head out. Negan brings Carl to the pussy buffet. Negan takes Dwight’s girl aside and pressures her to give up Amber. Amber rolls over pretty easily on her ex hubby. Dwight and Daryl show up as Negan and the girl formerly known as Lot Lizard are kissing. Oooooo…… Negan tells dwight to warm up the iron for some deja vu. Rick and Aaron hop a fence to look for supplies. The sign says, “ don’t even think about it broman.”

Run 2

Spencer and priesty have a conversation about whether or not it’s a sin to hate rick. Blah blah blah, priesty calls Spencer a dick and wants to be let out of the car. Spencer walks into the forest and sees a tree walker with a bow. Negan sits down with Carl in his chambers. He makes him take off his eye patch and sing to him during batting practice. They get up to go to the iron show, which turns out is nothing like a donkey show.

Run 3

At the Iron Show, negan gives a speech about the importance of the rules. He burns dude’s face off and tells Daryl to clean up the piss. There are a lot of glances between Dwight and the girl formerly known as Lot Lizard. Negan tells Carl, “Let’s go figure out what to do with you.”

Run 4

Spencer yanks the walker out of the tree to get the bow. He finds a note on the walker that says who knows what. Rosita and Eugene argue over the making of the bullet. Rosita is a dick. Eugene cries. He makes bullet.

Run 5

Dwight and the girl formerly known as Lot Lizard meet in the stairwell. Nothing really happens. Negan and Carl are back in Negan’s room. They go back and forth about what he should do to Carl and Carl stuffs it back in his face. Negan say, “let’s go for a ride.” Daryl talks back and Negan sentences him to his box for a while. Jesus arrives on the scene all ninja-like.

Run 6

Daryl gets passed a note under his jail cell. It says, “ go now.” Michonne has constructed a small wall of walkers which makes a Negan lady stop. Michonne demands to be taken to Negan. After some back-and-forth, the Negan lady decides to take her. Negan stops by Olivia’s house and makes some fat jokes. He offers to have sex with her and she slaps him. He’s a little into it…He demands lemonade. Negan tours various other areas before stumbling upon Judith’s room. HKe picks her up with jubilation.

Run 7

Rick and Aaron get deeper into this new area. They come upon another sign. It says they only reason they’ve made it this far is because I’m dead.  They find a pond with a floating mobile home on it surrounded by walkers in the water. They decide to take it. Rosita apologizes to Eugene but he rejects it. He says he’d like to take it back to awkward silence now. Spencer rolls up on them and reveals he found a bunch of canned goods. The gate opens and they realize Negan is there. Negan is on the front porch still holding Judith. He threatens Judith to her face. Never a good idea…