Age of the Dead – TWD – S07E09: Rock in the Road

Join us as we discuss Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9: Rock in the Road.

Variant Comic


Zombie Kill of the Week

Dee – zombiesplotion

Steven – clothesline

Randy – rosita and her attitude



Randy – lego batman, coloring book by chance the rapper,

Dee – Nothing

Steven – Nothing



Randy – 3.5

Dee – 4

Steven – 3


Show Notes

Genital Jousting – NSFW

Hoodie Privacy Hoodie

The League – Bobum Man

What what in the butt

Alisha Cleave



Cold Open

Father Gabriel is standing watch. He reads a passage in his bible, then goes to empty out the pantry. He loads it up in a car and drives off. A mysterious shadows rises from the passenger seat.

Run 1

Rick’s crew is arguing with Gregory about the Hilltop helping fight the saviors. Gregory is having none of it. The crew walks outside to a group of Hilltopians wanting to fight. As the group walks out of the Hilltop, Jesus drops two bombs: he has a walkie talkie that they can’t to listen to Negan with and that he wants to introduce the crew to King Ezekiel.

  • Gregory funny moments: “Rhretoricalllll….” and “let me stop you before you break out into song”

Run 2

Rick’s crew pulls up outside the Kingdom when two guys on horseback roll up. One guy says (in a renaissance voice), “who dares trespass on the sacred land of … Oh shit. Jesus. Is that you?”  They escort the crew into the Kingdom to meet the King. They see Morgan and hugging ensues. Morgan gives a Carol recap to Rick and Daryl (and possibly the audience…). The crew is visibly stunned by Shiva. It’s funny. Rick makes his plea to the King. During the plea, Morgan discovers Alexandrians were killed. He asks who was killed and Rosita says, “Abraham, Glenn, Spencer, Olivia. You gong to say you were right?” The plea continues with Rick telling a story he obviously just made up.”

  • The stage the King sits on has a ton of floodlights on him. That must take a ton of energy.

Run 3

Little dude from the Kingdom runs into Carol in the woods. She advises him not to be out here after dark because he’ll get himself killed. He says Ezekial won’t stop checking on her. When he gets back to the Kingdom, Ezekiel is telling a bedtime story to a kid, but it’s not a bedtime story, it’s a speech from MLK Jr.  Rick and crew meet with Ezekial in the morning after a training montage. He turns Rick down but offers Daryl asylum. The group leaves the kingdom. Sasha makes small talk with Rosita and Rosita says, “we slept with the same dead guy. That doesnt’ make us friends.” Rick tells Daryl that he’s staying. No one says goodbye or even turns around and looks at him.

Run 4

On the way out of the Kingdom, the crew runs into a road block that the Saviors put there. They decide to move the cars to make a path and put the cars back afterwards. They discover a walker boobie trap made from explosives and RPGs. Rosita, unknown munitions expert, gets to work… Rosita makes a snarky remark to Tara about stepping back from the explosives. Rick instructs Rosita, Carl and Tara to move the cars back. The herd gets closer and Rick and Michonne decide to hot-wire the cars and clothesline a thousand zombies. They get in the SUV and drive off safely.

Run 5

The second the crew shows back up to Alexandria, Negan’s crew shows up looking for Daryl. They tear the town apart looking for him when they discover the empty food pantry, which is a surprise to everyone. Dude tells them to take risks and Michonne says “we will.” after Negan’s crew leaves, everyone discusses the pantry and father gabriel. Rosita says, “ i thought he changed too, but it can’t be anything else.”

  • Michonne is a little heavy handed with her “we will” statement.

Run 6

They are going through Gabriel’s stuff for clues. Rosita is being snarky again with her head shaking and nay-saying. They find a note gabriel wrote saying, “boat.” Aaron and boyfriend have an argument about Aaron leaving again and Rick stirring up trouble with the Saviors. Rick’s crews approach the boat again and they are surrounded by a mysterious boat crew. He smiles and we cut to black.