Preacher Podcast – Season Two Episode Two

Join us as we discuss Preacher season two episode two: Mumbai Sky Tower. 

Variant Comic Cover

Articles of Faith

Dee – Amazing Ganesh, Tulip fight, Cassidy

Steven – Dumb people, Firefight at the motel, Fiore’s journey and betrayal

Randy – Cassidy and Fiore (best friends forever), Fiore finding peace

Fire fight at motel, angel, party time, tulip the badass, dumb people (gun nuts, audience)


Divine Judgment

Dee – 4.8

Steven – 4.5

Randy – 4.5


Saint of Thrillers

Dee – Amazing Ganesh – WINNER

Steven – Tulip fight

Randy – Cassidy and Fiore doing lots of drugs



Dee – Fargo

Steven – Fargo

Randy – Fargo Season 3, Better Call Saul