Age of the Dead – FearTWD – S03E14: El Matadero

Welcome to Age of the Dead, a Walking Dead podcast produced by and today we’re talking about fear the walking dead season 3 episode 14: El Matadero.

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Variant Comic Cover

What’s New?

Here’s Negan Graphic Novel

CROSSOVER! – We start talking about the crossover in-depth at 1:05:00(that’s one hour and five minutes), if you want to skip ahead.


Top 3 Takeaways

Randy – Taking Ofelia into a densely populated area, Strand’s plan?, New character: Diana

Dee – Madison’s reaction to children leaving, Zombie Ball Pit, Troy the racist

Steven – Nick lept off the wagon, Are Nick and Troy gay for eachother?, Goodbye Ofelia



Randy – 4

Dee – 3.4

Steven – 3.5


Zombie Kill of the Week

Dee – ofelia

Steven – nick slamming zombie in door – Winner

Randy – Pick axe





Randy – The Big Sick

Dee – None

Steven – Blade Runner