Age of the Dead – TWD – Season 8 Episode 3: Monsters

Join us as we discuss the Walking Dead season 8 episode 3: Monsters.

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Variant Comic Cover


AMC Episode Description

Conflict with the Saviors leads to unintended consequences for the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Alexandria; morality proves tricky in wartime.


Top 3 Takeaways

Randy – Rolling zombies, Eric Dies and Aaron can act, Kal and Gregory

Dee – morales, saving the baby, what’s the deal with Morgan

Steven – Ezekial is way too cocksure, Jesus VS Morgan, I once liked maggie’s mouth but now I don’t



Randy – 2.5

Dee – 3

Steven – 3


Zombie Kill of the Week

Dee – Eric

Steven – Zombies who died while rolling downhill

Randy – Fun Kill of Morales – WINNER



Randy – ESPN 30 for 30 Ric Flair = Recommended

Dee – Thor, Real Housewives Dallas “you should never bully someone with a dildo,”

Steven – Mindhunter on Netflix is amazing, Marvel Zombies: Supreme, Marvel Zombies: Halloween Special, World War Hulk, Thor, beef jerky and cheddar cheese