Age of the Dead – TWD – S08E09: Honor

Welcome to Age of the Dead, a Walking Dead podcast produced by Today we’re talking about the Walking Dead season 8 episode 9: Honor.

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Variant Comic Cover


AMC Episode Description

Rick faces new difficulties after a battle. Meanwhile, the fight continues in other communities as core members face hard decisions.


Top 3 Takeaways

Randy – Tough time going back and forth with dying and morganing, Siddiq, Carl’s goodbye notes

Dee – Carl’s scene with Judith, I’m digging Morgan (13:00), Did Morgan just gut a dude?

Steven – Turns out it was all a dream, Morgan and Carol in Rambo VI: God Save the King, Henry slides that bow staff through Gavin’s neck like a hot knife cutting through butter



Randy – 3.5

Dee – 4

Steven – 3.5


Zombie Kill of the Week

Dee – Morgan gutting the dude – Winner

Steven – Carl

Randy – Henry giving Gavin a 2nd throat hole



Randy – The Good Place = pretty excellent

Dee – The Greatest Showman = Amazing, Godless = really good, Gunpowder = little slow – may revisit, Reign = 1st two seasons suck but 3rd and 4th gold, Medici = i like it, black panther = really good,

Steven – DARK = Great, Altered Carbon = Amazing


Show Notes

Carol in Rambo V: Terminusly Ill

  • Carol in Rambo V: It’s a Firework-a-Party
  • I Believe in a King Called Love
  • King My Bell
  • You Sexy King
  • Every Little King She Does Is Magic
  • Shake Your Groove King
  • Let’s Call the Whole King Off
  • King of the Hill… top
  • I Don’t Want to Miss a King
  • Dr. Horrible’s King-Along Blog
  • That King You Do!
  • Crazy Little King Called Love

Morgan and Carol in Rambo VI: God Save the King