Dweeb the People Podcast – Preacher Season 3 Episode 4: The Tombs

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Episode Description

As Jesse helps re-invigorate business at Angelville, he tests Tulip and Cassidy’s faith in him when Angelville brings out a darker side of him.

Articles of Faith – The crew’s top three takeaways from the episode

Dee – Tulip’s exit, How lil Jesse escaped, Shriveled up old lady exists in flashback

Steven – Satan, Skin over the face, Jesse’s flashback changing

Randy – Sabina flashback, saint of killers mission, Cassidy not using the love potion

Divine Judgment – The crew’s rating of the episode on a scale of 0-5

Dee – 4.2

Steven – 4.5

Randy – 3.5


Dee –

Steven – @QNewsNetwork

Randy – Movie – You were never really here

Show Scripture

Songs you would not want to strip to