Dweeb the People Podcast – Preacher Season 3 Episode 7: Hilter

Welcome to the Dweeb the People Podcast, where we’re taking a deep dive into dweeb culture.

And today we’re talking about PREACHER, season 3 episode seven, Hilter.

So build up your tolerance to tranquilizers and pile on the avocados because now it’s time to Dweeb the People.

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Episode Description

Jesse, Tulip, Gran’ma and Starr form an uneasy partnership to avert the apocalypse; Cassidy learns to love Eccarius, but at a cost.

Articles of Faith – The crew’s top three takeaways from the episode

Dee – Granma taking out the catheter, Cassidy and Iccarus, Tulip teamup

Steven – Hilter, Hoover’s plan to catch a vampire SLASH the catholic dojo SLASH “I’ve been thinking I want to wear Miley Cyrus’ skin like a pelt.”, Cassidy playing pool acting like a boss

Randy – Iccarus, Alliance between Herr Starr and Jesse,

Divine Judgment – The crew’s rating of the episode on a scale of 0-5

Dee – 4

Steven – 4

Randy – 3.5