Preacher – S04E10: End of the World

Welcome to the Dweeb the People Podcast, where we’re taking a deep dive into dweeb culture. And today we’re talking about PREACHER, season 4 episodes 10: End of the World. So join us one last time and we’ll love you until the end of the world, and now it’s time to Dweeb the People. 


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Episode Description

As the Apocalypse draws nigh, Jesse fights the Saint, Tulip fights Cassidy, Jesus fights Hitler, Lara goes up against Starr, and God waits in the stands.


Articles of Faith – The crew’s top three takeaways from the episode

Dee – Cassidy and Tulip fight, Goodbye Humperdoo, 

Steven –  Detective Wittman with Pensacola PD, Featherbottom breaks down with Tulip, Jesus vs Hilter continued

  • Missile silo
  • Couple complaining to god
  • Starr messing with fax
  • Eugene
  • Jesus, the backup Humperdoo
  • The Alamo
  • The Grail gets the voice

Randy – Herr Starr pleasures you with his anus, Saint vs God, Angel and Demon vs Saint, The Alamo


Divine Judgment – The crew’s rating of the episode on a scale of 0-5

Dee – 5?

Steven – 4.5

Randy – 4.5



Dee – Breaking Bad

Steven – Breaking Bad

Randy – 



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