Two Watchmen and a Lady – S01E02: Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship

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Top Moments

Dee – The Watchmaker’s Son, Found out old dude is Angela’s grandpapa and he’s the little kid

Randy – White Night, Squid rain baffles scientists, Angela and Looking Glass in car

Steven – Mysteries solved (White Night, Parentage of children, Ozy’s detonator, Ozy’s clones, The Russian-born German), American Hero Story – Escalating violence 1. Kick to face 2. Can to face 3. Stab leg then torso 100 times 4. Smash into counter and smash with cash register, Nixonville Raid



Dee – 4.8

Randy – 4

Steven – 4.5


Most Watchable Moment

Dee – The Play

Randy – White Night

Steven American Hero Story – WINNER



Dee – Daybreak, Still watching Outlander

Randy – Wrestling, Ray Donovan, Den of Thieves

Steven – Daybreak, Roblox, LANFest, Haircut