Two Watchmen and a Lady – S01E09: See How They Fly

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Top Moments

Dee – Lady Triue’s parents, Ozzy’s sendoff and fashion, Squid sleet

Randy – Ozzy and Lady Triue, the end, Lube man

Steven – Dr. Manhattan gets his “moment”, Cyclops



Dee – 5

Randy – 4.5

Steven – 5


Most Watchable Moment

Dee – Lady triue killing racists

Randy – Cal dying and going through emotions – WINNER

Steven – Senator Keene’s Manties


Dee – Moo-moo shootout – WINNER

Steven American Hero Story – WINNER

Randy – Giant Blue Vibrator – WINNER

Randy – Lube Man – WINNER

Randy – Squid event – WINNER

Steven – Reinvented grocery store scene – WINNER

Randy – Angela murdering husband – WINNER

Steven – The incident – WINNER

Randy – Cal dying and going through emotions – WINNER – WINNER



Dee – 3rd season of marvelous misses mazel, 

Randy – six underground, Mr. Robot

Steven continuing to read the boys comic book