Age of the Dead – S06E13: The Same Boat

Join us as we discuss Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13: The Same Boat. We slow down the plat a bit this week to deal with with Maggie and Carol being held captive.  Make sure to check out this week’s extensive show notes below. We talk about all of them in the podcast.

Variant Comic Cover

S06E13 - Comic Cover

Show Notes

We talked about a segment we used to do in an old podcast where we manipulate what we hear in our headphones in a way that makes it difficult to speak normally. We may try to work it into this podcast soon! This video is what inspired that. – we talked about this freaky thing briefly. Check it out.

Photoshop Frenzy

Original screenshot1a

Force-feeding Mags

1b Eat the Burgers Maggie

Where’d she go?


And there’s the burger

1d Bodyless Mags Burger

Original Screenshot


Dangerous game of twister

2b Twister

Original screenshot


Uh oh. They see Fear the Walking Dead coming soon. They don’t look happy about it.