Age of the Dead – FTWD – S02E04: Blood in the Streets

Join us as we discuss Fear the Walking Dead season two episode four: Blood in the Streets! We talk about the episode but also the latino Good-Looking Jack Black, Rum Ham, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and More!



Dee – 2.8

Randy – 2.5

Steven – 3.5


Zombie Kill of the Week

Dee – Nick Killing Tent Zombie

Randy – Sniper Kills – WINNER

Steven – Crow Bar Kill


Variant Comic Cover

S02E04 - Comic

Screen Shots

Show Notes

Mark Kelly who plays Connor looks exactly like Doug Hutchison who played Horice in LOST

Mark Kelly


We talk about Michael Buble, who has never eaten corn before…


Luis is the Latino Good-Looking Jack Black, right?

not jack black


George Michael’s Star Wars Moves from Arrested Development

We discuss Rum Ham from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia once again.




Nick washes up on a beach with luggage. A helicopter flies overhead. He a casual stroll through tent city to find some zombie camouflage. He finds it.

Run 1

Travis and Madison are arguing AGAIN about Strand cutting those people loose. He wants to throw him overboard and she says they need him. Chris and Ofelia are getting their flirt on when three people come aboard. Chris is unsure of what to do (to say the least). He asks “should I shoot them” multiple times, and not-Jack later informs him that he definitely should have. They seem like they’re in distress (and of course the crew decides to help them). The strangers turn on the crew and tie everyone up. Nick is trying to escape on a rubber rafter when not-Jack shoots the boat.

Run 2

Flashback to Strand talking a businessman in a bar. We learn Strand’s father ended his life as a strip-mall preacher and he never knew his mom. We also learn he is bankrupt. He gets the other guy super drunk and robs him in his hotel room. Back to present time… Strand is on the rubber dingy trying to get his satellite phone to work and there’s a showdown on the boat about where the keys are. Travis convinces him he can hotwire the boat. Alicia and Jack go off, but not before her telling him how disappointed she is in him. Nick goes through a barricade and looks at a piece of paper he was carrying. It says “Byon Viaje Blvd. Building #9208???” He then plays a game of chicken with a chick walker and wins.

Run 3

Flashback… Strand answers his hotel room door to find the drunk stranger all sobered up with his latino muscle man (or good-looking latino jack black). Strand thanks him for his investment and says he’ll pay him back with interest. The stranger lets him off the hook. Strand says, “thank you for the pardon.” The stranger says, “ I didn’t pardon you; I obligated you.” Present… Strand loses his phone to the sea and Travis continues to stall while trying to hotwire the boat. Madison begins to stall… Travis continues to stall… and now back to couples therapy… Alicia sells herself in to sex slavery to save her family. Is this a long con? Nick finds the place he’s going, knocks on the door when a man comes up behind him with a gun. He is revealed to me the latino muscle man.

Run 4

Nick says Strand sent him and the latino muscle man says, “finally.” Back to the boat where Daniel is making zero progress on getting free. Madison continues to stall… Travis drops off the crowbar for Daniel. Nick and Muscle man arrive at the beach blaring music. Flashback… Strand and his now obvious boyfriend are relaxing looking out at a vista. They hold hands.

Run 5

Jack and non-Jack’s friends along with Connor arrive and take Travis and Alicia. Daniel is still making zero progress. Nick sees strangers on the boat and Muscle man snipers their asses. Madison gets the crowbar and stabs not-Jack through the back. Flashback… Strand’s boyfriend doesn’t want him to go to LA because of the outbreak but Strand decides to go. They make out for like 5 minutes. Present… The dingy drives up to Strand and Madison pulls him aboard.

  • Mark Kelly who plays Connor looks exactly like Doug Hutchison who played Horice in LOST